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Apologue of the Immortals

by: Multiple Authors

The Arcane Spirit of Stars has awoken. A king regrets a god's revenge. A new kind of priestess matches wits and wills with a wicked king. A living forest resists intrusion. Clergy that can raise soldiers from the dead. The Sea rises to avenge her daughter. And much more.


Sometimes, immortals have a lesson to teach us

Sometimes, they learn because of us.

Sometimes, we share the lesson with them.

Coming Early 2023

Divided Together (2022)  

by: J. James Adler

Old foes set aside ancient hatred in a divided land to forge a fragile alliance in a desperate attempt to stem the rising tide of unspeakable evil. The gods stir, and the old rules begin to crack. As the conflict in Jerin unfolds, a young healer makes the arduous journey from her home to assist with the war effort. Amidst the bloodshed, she discovers her true nature and an unlikely attraction. Faced with unbearable loss, she reaches out desperately to a new ally in a wild attempt to save those she holds dear.


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